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Our mission

Disabled animals live in the now and are remarkable in their will to live and enjoy life.

Animals With Disabilities (AWD) is a non-profit agency that supports compassion for disabled pets and improves the quality of care for household animals with neurological or physical disabilities, such as birth defects, chronic disease or injuries sustained in an accident. Through rescue, rehabilitation and the successful return to caring homes, AWD gives disadvantaged pets a meaningful alternative to long-term captivity or euthanasia.

In addition to treatment, support and humane shelter, AWD provides public education and community outreach by:

  • Providing disability information, training, management skills and support to pet owners in an effort to keep pets in their current homes instead of being surrendered to a shelter
  • Sending properly trained and certified disabled pets to visit schools, hospitals, nursing homes, events and the like to provide therapeutic support, inspiration and joy to people with disabilities or who may be dealing with life’s hardships

Our Goals

Raising awareness about disabled pets

AWD is expanding our small network of foster homes and working toward a facility to help more animals. The facility will provide a safe haven and socialization as well as proper training, medical care, nutrition and a clean environment while the animals are rehabilitated and await adoptive homes.

AWD is also developing a program to send properly trained and certified disabled pets into the community as animal-assisted therapy and activity representatives. Research shows that interacting with animals can benefit human health and wellbeing. Oftentimes animals can reach out to and inspire people when others cannot. Disabled animals make excellent therapy partners and bring comfort and pleasure in a wide range of settings, helping people with physical and emotional needs and enhancing the quality of life through extraordinary human-animal bonds. It goes full circle, animals helping people helping animals.

Animals With Disabilities is funded entirely by donations. Your support will allow us to fullfill our mission. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation.


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