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About Animals with Disabilities

Disabled animals are the least likely to be adopted and among the most likely to be euthanized in traditional shelters.

Everyday, dogs and cats are born or become disabled, and pet owners face difficult decisions regarding their care. Disabilities can include blindness, deafness, birth defects, injuries, inability to walk properly, paralysis and amputation among others. Treatment and rehabilitation are often expensive, and many owners simply cannot afford to treat their beloved pets. Even when funds are available, many cannot commit to the time and emotional investment. Meanwhile, shelters—overcrowded with healthy, adoptable cats and dogs—often euthanize these disadvantaged animals due to lack of funds, knowledge, time and space.

AWD gives animals a chance to survive and lead near-ordinary lives. We provide support and information for pet owners, as our top priority is to help families keep their pets and properly care for them. When that's not possible, AWD's small network of foster homes accepts, treats, and rehabilitates the disabled animals we receive from shelters, veterinary clinics and the general public—so we can return them to permanent, caring homes. We are setting up an extensive online library with information and resources to educate both caregivers and shelters on how to care for special-needs animals. We provide financial assistance to owners who are able to care for their pets but cannot afford the sometimes costly treatments and rehabilitation.


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